7 years...

It has been that long since I have been back from the Philippines, where the majority of my family and relatives are originally from. Despite only spending 11 days and 2 of those days, travelling back and forth. We had stayed in a condominium hotel in the City of Pasay, simply known as Pasay City. As it is the 1st class highly urbanised city in Metro Manila.

The main precaution in mind was not getting my camera equipment and gear stolen or mugged. Unfortunately falling sick and unwell, as my immune system, wasn’t use of the climate change, due to the higher pollution and increase of poverty, the majority of my time back home, consisted of travelling back and forth the condominium hotel, visiting my family relatives house, or simply visiting the ‘SM Mall of Asia’ which is classified as a fourth largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the fourteenth in the world.

The only time, we had been away from the main capital city, was going on a family day trip to Bato Springs Resort, tucked in the city of San Pablo, Laguna. It was just a perfect getaway to lessen the heat during my visit time as well as rejuvenate and keep myself cool from the heat. With natural spring water flowing in the area, cold and chill vibes touched my inner hotness. Personally speaking, the water is too cold at day, and even colder at night. Just refreshing way to a better day!

Summer 2018 - Bato Springs, Laguna

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