Narcissism, selfies and art

Narcissism' is an interpretation by older generations, as part of the late millennials, promoting, marketing and using new social media nowadays is forming my identity, opinion and perspective on life.

Using a traditional approach of setting up tripod, lights and camera trigger using contemporary devices and techniques. With this series in avoidance with post contemporary narcissistic actions, off simply wiping out my phone and easily taking loads of selfies, only to be archived on my camera roll.

This series explores polarities in my own self-portraits, identifying themes into terms of 'construction and indexicality, public and personal, reality and unreality, objectivity and subjectivity' allowing gradual indexical mutation of signs, as well as a shift in viewers’ perceptions; in addition, aims to include a space to which the viewer can return to, brings all these elements together and inform their extracted narratives with every repeated viewing.

Concerning post-narcissism, with the internet and social media offering democratisation of art, many art organisations recognise this as a positive impact, continuing to transition from passive to participation, from hierarchical to democratic, from traditional media to online media, from single art-form to interdisciplinary.

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