Film synopsis:

Dinah holds a secret from her husband, Edward, a practising faith healer. Their marriage is fractured as Dinah supports her husband’s newfound purpose. However, when Edward becomes overly ambitious, Dinah is forced to make an impactful decision and seek forgiveness from the person who matters most to her.

Short Film: Daniel Nicholl 

Designs: Caitlin Rayner

Starring: Niall Murphy and Zoe Zak

Born Again dir. Daniel Nicholl from NUA Film and Moving Image on Vimeo.

Final Promotional Poster Design #1

Final Promotional Poster Design #2

Final Promotional Poster Design #3

In collaboration with Caitlin Rayner's designs and Daniel Nicholl's production.

Our final outcome was producing a promotional poster for his short film 'Born Again' to be showcased for his final year, at his end of year degree show at Norwich University of the Arts.

The Peace Globe - Norwich Cathedral #1

The Peace Globe - Norwich Cathedral #2

Choir Stalls - Norwich Cathedral

The Cloisters - Norwich Cathedral

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