Barcelona - Summer 2018

My mother's goal is to travel to all sorts of places around Europe.

On our second trip, for our family holiday travel destination was Barcelona. Probably one of the most beautiful city breaks, I have visited so far. We had decided to go during the summer break, which in hindsight, we knew would be the peak of tourist attraction, for that particular time of the season of the year.

Nevertheless being the main navigator when travelling abroad, it consists of mainly dragging my family around to various places, we haven't been before, which in my mind, is quite scary but as well as very exciting to see a new culture, new people in different environments.

Every place we went around Barcelona, had such very vibrant and colourful streets and buildings, in retrospect. I wanted to avoid as much of the main tourist spots and attractions. To absorb as much of the other rural parts of Barcelona, which I could have explored by myself if I was to come back here again on my own. I think by the end of each day, I would recall my mother moaning about how much we had walked each day, and she would question, on where on earth we were heading, and I would say "I don't know?" and her legs would ache now and then, so we would just have breaks now and then just for her, to relax and enjoy the scenery we would stop by.

Overall Barcelona is an ideal summer break, for someone as myself who lives in a small town suburb of Norfolk. I will come back here by myself or with someone eventually, next time visiting the mountain retreat of Montserrat.

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