About Me


A recent graduate who studied a BA Hons Photography course at Norwich University of the Arts. 

I am a photographer, that focuses on subjective and personal concepts, implicated through all sorts of format, landscape and environments. 

Photography has been a technical mechanism for me, to express and execute my feelings and experiences into my photographs. 

Inspired by concepts around the sublime, the banal mundane and the melancholy, are reoccurring themes and interests in my work. 

My current practice delves into night photography and long exposures, on location-based shoots in nocturnal environments. 

The visuality of my current work aspires to resemble cinematic aesthetics into my chosen landscape, broadening my creative interest in moving image, filmmaking and cinematography.

My Work

As human beings, our natural response and fear of darkness is an evolutionary trait, which we have picked up to survive real-life predators stalking, or simply running away from the unknown lurking in the dark. 

My recent work 'Untitled' is a continuation from my series on 'Melancholy' which delves deeper and touches around the concept of loneliness, that tackles personal issues, mental health and well-being in darker season throughout the year. 


Address: Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK
Phone Number: 07883 570153
Email: alcaydejazer@yahoo.co.uk

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